Creative Ways to Decorate Your Salt Lake City Home with Stained Glass

decorate salt lake city home stained glass

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Salt Lake City Home with Stained Glass

Have you ever sat in a church with stained glass and gazed in awe as the sunlight poured through, sending a beautiful display of color and shine throughout the room? Well, guess what! You can create the very same effect in your home!

Stained glass windows aren’t just for churches. They also make a very beautiful addition to homes and offer practical benefits like light and privacy.

Below, we’ve listed a few different ways you can integrate stained glass into your Salt Lake City home décor!


Stained Glass – A Beautiful Option for Any Home

Sometimes, homeowners will shy away from stained glass because they think it won’t look right in their home. But what they don’t realize is that there’s actually dozens of different styles of stained glass. Some are more traditional looking while others are very modern. In other words, no matter what style of home you live in, there’s a stained glass option out there that’s perfect for you!


Creative Ways to Decorate with Stained & Leaded Glass

From sidelights and entryways to kitchens, cabinets, and bathrooms, there are many places that you can add stained and leaded glass to your Salt Lake City home. Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite home decorating ideas!


cabinet stained glass salt lake city


Create an elegant look for the cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen with custom inserts!



salt lake city bathroom stained glass


Keep the contents of your bathroom private and hidden with privacy glass!


stained glass salt lake city home


Add security to your entryway with textured or beveled glass doors.


transom stained glass salt lake city


Make your transoms look more interesting with a modern leaded glass design.


Find the Perfect Option for your Home

At Stained Glass Salt Lake City, all of our work is custom made. That means when you order a stained or leaded glass window from us, you’re getting a completely original, one-of-a-kind work of art. Let us help you create the perfect stained glass window for your home! Call our office today to get started!

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