Stained Glass Sidelights

Custom Sidelights Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Homes

We all love the natural light that sidelights bring into the entryway and into our homes in Salt Lake City, Utah. The benefits of these can be overshadowed by the frustration we feel knowing that anyone can walk up to our front door and look inside. When it’s dark outside and you have the lights on inside, people on the outside can see you but you don’t even know that someone is out there.

Make a Lasting Impression with Sidelight Stained Glass

Let’s strip any doubts of privacy from your mind by installing stained glass in those sidelights. Scottish Stained Glass in Sale Lake City can both manufacture and install stained glass and leaded glass sidelights that will put your mind at ease. You can choose from thousands of designs to compliment your decor and, a benefit Scottish Stained Glass will provide is by installing your new glass while keeping your existing clear glass in place. The reason to keep clear glass on the outside is to prevent break ins and improve the insulation in your home. The sidelight installation is extremely simple and once it is completed it will look like your leaded glass was always part of your home.

Stained Glass Styles For Sidelights

There are many styles of sidelight glass you can choose from. Some styles to consider are: Celtic, Mission, Prairie, Floral designs with trees, birds and mountains, Frank Lloyd Wright, Art Deco, Art Nouveau as well as custom designs.

Create the Perfect Entryway with Sidelight Stained Glass for your Home

Our designers at Scottish Stained Glass in Salt Lake City are experts at advising you on the best approach and out free home consultation allows us to be in your home giving you the best possible advice.

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