Stained Glass Repair & Restoration

Custom Entryway Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Homes

Many vintage homes, churches, and historical sites feature stunning stained glass windows and doors that were built over 100 years ago. These historical artifacts are both beautiful and fragile, and after many years of natural wear, can lose their structural integrity and crack. Our expert stained glass craftsmen at Stained Glass Salt Lake City have been repairing and restoring antique stained glass for over 25 years for clients across the nation. If you have a piece of antique glass that you cherish but is deteriorating, warped, or cracked, our team can assist you in restoring the glass to its original luster.

Stained Glass Repair vs. Restoration

If your stained glass only contains a few cracks and scratches, then it’s eligible for repair. The repair process is often quick and easier, as our team of experienced glass artisans can repair cracks and polish the glass to appear fresh and new. If your stained glass is damaged beyond that, containing warped glass, deteriorated lead, broken pieces, etc., then restoration is definitely required. Lead tends to oxide around the 75 year point, leaving a fine white dust on your stained glass. This is also a sign that your stained glass is ready for restoration. Even though the restoration process can be timely and costly, it can add another century to your stained glass before it needs its next restoration.

Stained Glass Restoration Process

1. Our team completes an assessment of the root issues that have produced deterioration in your stained glass. This assessment allows us to create a proper restoration plan that’s custom fit to your stained glass’ needs.

2.The antique glass piece in need of restoration is carefully removed from it’s frame by one of our professionals. If necessary, a temporary window is inserted into the frame while the piece is being restored at our repair studio.

2. The piece is transported back to our glass workshop, where it is soaked in a proprietary cleaning solution for at least two weeks. This solution gently softens the cement binding the glass to the lead and cleans off all dirt and impurity buildup from over the century.

3. The window is then dismantled. Usable glass is saved, while broken glass fragments are recycled or repurposed.

4. Our experts will then determine the profiles of the lead and glass utilized in the original piece. These profiles are then used to create glass and lead compounds to match the original components of the piece. We utilize our inventory that features over 50,000 pieces of stained glass or have pieces custom blown to ensure flawless match.

5. The piece is rebuilt according to its original specifications with new glass and lead where necessary. The window’s structure is reinforced with bonding concrete.

6. The window is cleaned and polished. It is then transported carefully back to its original home and refitted into its frame. We reinforce your stained glass with two clear panes in order to further protect it from the Salt Lake City elements.

And that’s it! Your antique glass has been restored. Our clients are always amazed by the completed restoration. Your stained glass will look brand new, with added historical equity.

Exterior Protective Coverings for Stained Glass

We offer proprietary aluminum framing systems for exterior protective coverings of stained glass. These exclusive systems are similar to commercial storefront systems, providing premium protection against a variety of threats. They can house a number of different protective glazing including plexiglass, tempered, plate, or laminate glass. The modern systems can be installed on any type of architecture.

Our specialty systems are available in many finishes including white, metal finish, dark bronze, and custom colors. They include built-in ventilation to help ensure the right amount of air flow for proper preservation of your stained glass windows. These systems are an ideal permanent solution that offer easy removal and replacement of your protective glazing.

These less labor-intensive systems also provide lower maintenance requirements. Since they protect your window frames along with your stained glass, you’ll no longer need to periodically paint your window frames from weather damage. This permanent, maintenance-free solution is the best option available for protecting stained glass in both religious and commercial properties.

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If you have a piece of antique stained glass that you love but is deteriorating or cracked, our stained glass experts have the experience and technology to restore your stained glass without losing any of the original integrity of the piece. For more information or to set up a free consultation, please contact us today!