Dalle de Verre

Dalle Glass Windows for Salt Lake City Properties

Dalle de Verre is a stunning style of stained glass that utilizes thick slabs of colored glass to produce a mosaic effect. If you’re looking for someone who can create Dalle Glass for your Salt Lake City property or are in need of Dalle de Verre restoration, we would be glad to assist. We are proud to be one of the few studios in the United States that specializes in this technique.

About Dalle de Verre

Dalle de Verre is an artistic technique that originates from 1930s France. It relies primarily on the use of faceted glass to refract light and color. The technique was developed by artist Jean Gaudin, who was known for his interesting paintings and mosaic compositions.

Artists cut out individual pieces from thick slabs of glass, shape them, then chisel the edge with a hammer to produce a faceted look. Then, the glass is arranged on a flat bed of sand in a creative design or pattern. The artist then pours epoxy between the pieces of glass, which produces a type of mortar when it comes into contact with the sand. More sand is added between the grooves to fill them completely and create a polished look.

Dalle Glass Restoration & Repair

Because Dalle Glass is made with epoxy mortar, it is susceptible to breaking and deteriorating over time. The mortar may start to crumble and glass pieces may come loose or fall out entirely. Since the glass is very thick and heavy, it can create a very serious safety hazard. If you notice signs of deterioration in your Dalle Glass, it’s important to call a restoration expert in Salt Lake City right away.

Our process for restoration and repairs starts with an onsite consultation. Then, we begin by removing a section of the glass and cutting out the individual pieces. The edges are cleaned up to remove all remaining mortar and sand that may still be in tact. Then, the panel is assembled back together using new epoxy mortar and reinstalled.

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