Stained Glass Transoms

Custom Transom Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Homes

Transom windows are windows above other windows or above doors. These types of windows provide extra light into your Salt Lake City home, although sometimes, it may be a bit too much light. For some homes, your neighbors may be close enough to your home where they can see through the windows into your house. If the transom windows happen to be high up on a wall, they can also look bare and out of place without any features to them.

The Best Solution For Custom Stained Glass

Here at Scottish Stained Glass in Salt Lake City, we have found the best solution for this problem. Instead of messing with blinds and shutters that are hard to open and close, or even worse, if you have an odd shaped transom, some blinds may not even fit in the area, we offer stained glass transoms.

Leaded Glass: A Stained Glass Alternative

The best alternative for transoms would be to install leaded glass or stained glass. You can customize the type of glass and the design to control how much natural light will be allowed to come through into the room. Not only are you able to control the amount of light, you can also control the degree of privacy as well as the shape and size of the transom. Stained glass will not collect dust, fade or require any maintenance for opening and closing at certain times of the day.

Bring Your Home To Life

To get started, our talented designers in Salt Lake City will meet you in your home to give you suggestions. They will provide you with the best possible advice and our consultation is free of charge. Call us today and see how we can help!

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