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Salt Lake City’s Renowned Stained Glass Artisans

Stained glass is one of the most distinguished and unique art forms. Artisans who create stained glass are required to call upon diverse skills and employ them with an absolute exactness to ensure every detail is precise. True stained glass masterpieces require time and experience to produce, as well as an attentive eye. Stained Glass Salt Lake City carries over twenty-five years of experience in mastering the techniques of stained glass artistry.

Our stained glass windows are custom designed and painstakingly made to perfection by talented local artists. Whether you’re seeking a stained glass window for your home, church, or business, we are confident that our artwork will make an exceptional addition to your property.

Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Homes

Stained glass windows add a look of refinery and elegance to any home. By adding stained glass to your entryway, sidelights, kitchen, or bath, you can create a more open, inviting look for your home and feel free to draw back the curtains whenever you please. Stained glass is an excellent provider of privacy and conceals home interiors without blocking light. Whether you live in Yale Crest, Capitol Hill, Sugar House, or the suburbs, we can create a stained glass window that compliments the architectural style of your home beautifully.

Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Churches & Temples

Salt Lake City is adorned with beautiful churches and temples that are a central part of the city’s culture and history. Many of these churches, chapels, and cathedrals contain stained glass windows that uplift the congregation and inspire new members. At Stained Glass Salt Lake City, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional work for our religious clients. Whether we are completing a restoration or creating new stained glass windows for a church that is still in the phases of construction, we work with deft attention to detail to exceed our clients expectations and produce the highest quality religious stained glass.

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