Kitchen Stained Glass

Custom Kitchen Stained Glass

It’s a known fact that kitchens can sell a house. Kitchens are also the location where most parties end up, so why not make sure you have the kitchen of your dreams and something to impress guests with.

Bring Your Kitchen To Life With Custom Stained Glass

Do your kitchen windows face your neighbor’s house? If so, you probably run into these two issues: the view and the privacy factor. Installing stained glass can alleviate both of these problems by providing a beautiful piece of work to look at while also allowing the light to stream through your kitchen. If you have considered beveled glass, you can also get the elegant look of colorful prism shapes running throughout the kitchen.

Discover Beautiful Stained & Leaded Glass Styles

Kitchen cabinets are also another area where stained glass is a possibility. In most cases, we can take your existing cabinets, cut out the middle and install stained glass or leaded glass. As for new cabinets, you can just order them as blanks, ready for the glass installation and the team at Scottish Stained Glass will take care of the rest.

Create the Perfect Kitchen for your Home

There are multiple designs you can consider for your kitchen, depending on the look you want to achieve. If you have a beautiful set of glass ware, you can show those off with stained glass cabinets. Or, if you have items you would like to hide, you can choose a different, thicker design of stained glass that will mask the items behind the door. We really will make any look you are aiming for a possibility.

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Invest in an improvement that will add lasting beauty to your home for decades. Contact our office today to get an estimate on custom kitchen stained glass for your Salt Lake City home.