How Much is my Church Stained Glass Worth?

How Much is my Church Stained Glass Worth?

There are around 400,000 church stained glass windows in the United States alone. Stained glass is a religious practice that originated in the United States and Europe. In fact, the first stained glass windows were installed at Jamestown in 1607. Much of the stained glass produced in the United States was used to decorate churches. This implies that churches in this country must contain some of the oldest pieces ofglass available.

According to a previous estimate, about 1% of churches have windows worth more than $1 million. However, not all stained glass is costly. Here are some factors that may help you determine the value of your Salt Lake City church’s stained glass.

What Determines the Value of Your Stained Glass Window?

There are several variables to consider while attempting to calculate the worth of your glass. Most of our Salt Lake City church clients want to know what their glass is worth before restoring it. We feel it’s vital to point out that stained glass in churches has extra sentimental and historical value aside from its market value. However, there are a variety of factors considered by an appraiser when assessing the monetary value.

The Condition of the Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass

The condition of your church’s stained glass is a huge factor when it comes to its value. An unrestored stained glass window can actually be valued at much less than a restored one or one in pristine condition.  Minor repairs for mild damage can sometimes bring the value of your Salt Lake City church stained glass up as well as total restoration.

The Studio or Maker of the Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass

The maker of your Salt Lake City church’s stained glass is critical to the value. Studios or artists that specialize in stained glass may command a premium for their work. Tiffany’s stained glass windows, for example, can sell for up to $200,000 depending on the type of glass used. Although many unidentifiedstained glass windows exist, several significant Victorian stained glass windows feature a signature. Even if there is no signature on the window, a skilled stained glass restorer may be able to determine who made it by its style, types of glass, and position.

The Size of Your Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass

The size of your stained glass window has a big influence on its value. The square foot is the most common unit for determining the value of stained glass. This is especially true when no artist or workshop is known. The larger the window, the more valuable it is. However, because the cost per square foot varies with each piece’s condition, before any calculations are done based on size, its condition must be evaluated first.

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