Learning How To Interpret Church Stained Glass Biblical Messages

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Learning How To Interpret Church Stained Glass Biblical Messages

There’s something about stained glass that immediately captures your attention and mesmerizes you. However, the main reason behind installing stained glass in churches was not to increase the beauty of the place, even though it could be considered an added benefit. It was so that church-goers of all ages and walks of life would be able to better grasp and understand the messages in the Bible and religious texts.

Another benefit of stained glass in older churches was its constant presence. No matter what kind of problem you might be going through, you would be able to seek refuge in the images and paintings in the stained glass and feel comforted.

Origins of Church Stained Glass

The phrase the “Poor Man’s Bible” used to be a popular way to describe stained glass. This is because stained glass once had a very practical purpose. When people were poor and thus could not afford to purchase Bibles, they could still understand the stories and messages with the help of stained glass windows.

The Meaning of Colors in Stained Glass

Other than the messages, the colors in church stained glass also have significant importance. Here are what some of the colors signify:

Red – would signify Jesus Christ’s blood or indicate hate or love.
Blue – would symbolize hope, heaven, piety, and sincerity.
Green – would indicate growth, rebirth, and spring, immortality, contemplation, and faith

Symbols in Stained Glass

Stained glass windows often contain symbols that are meaningful or pertinent to the religion practiced by the church or house of worship they reside in. For example, symbols of olive branches, doves, or crosses may be used for Catholic or Christian churches. The Star of David may be depicted in stained glass residing in a Jewish temple or synagogue. Other times, churches may choose a more modern approach and instead opt for symbols that are relevant to their location or community, such as geographical features or landscapes.

Obtain a Stained Glass Window for Your Church

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