5 Unbelievably Beautiful Churches with Stained Glass in Utah

5 churches stained glass utah

5 Unbelievably Beautiful Churches with Stained Glass in Utah

Utah appreciates the beauty and allure of stained glass. This versatile art form enhances the appeal of many different types of building, yet, most of us associate stained glass with one specific place: the church.

Looking for some charming church stained glass in Utah? Check out these stained glass masterpieces!  


The Best Church Stained Glass in Utah 

Churches have used stained glass for ages to portray religious iconography and imagery. If you’re an art enthusiast visiting Salt Lake City, Utah, this list is for you! 


1. St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral

The two-storied St. Mark’s Church building holds 12 gorgeous, modern stained glass windows that were added during a restoration which occurred after a fire engulfed the church in 1978. The windows depict Christ’s Baptism, Crucifixion, and Nativity.


2. Cathedral of the Madeleine

Next on our list of beautiful churches in Utah is the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Madeleine. There is a little mystery surrounding this stained glass, which allegedly disappeared without a trace. Read our recent blog article to learn more. 



3. Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral 

Construction of the Byzantine-style Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral in Utah began in 1925. It boasts many tall vertical stained glass windows with blue and teal-colored glass.



4. St. Ambrose Catholic Church 

The St. Ambrose Church is well known within the local community. After recent renovations, stained glass windows depicting the Holy Family now adorn the church. 


5. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

The 30 stained glass windows at St Mary’s Episcopal Church are absolutely exquisite. There are beautiful portraits on these windows that depict the saints Andrew, Barnabas, and John. 


Don’t Miss Utah’s Beautiful Churches!

Utah’s rich culture and impressive architecture are invaluable. On your next visit, check out some of these stained glass adorned creations! Some of the most breathtaking churches in the U.S. are here!


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