To Keep or Replace: A Closer Look at the Value of Stained Glass in Colorado Spring’s Historic Homes

To Keep or Replace: A Closer Look at the Value of Stained Glass in Colorado Spring’s Historic Homes

Colorado Springs has some of the most beautiful, historic residential neighborhoods in our state. These homes are filled with so much desirable character that you just can’t find in a new build or even mid-century home. This sought-after character is on many potential buyer’s wishlists, making maintaining these details so important if you’re considering selling your home any time in the future. Stained glass windows that are original to your home can offer some questions when it comes to deciding to keep or replace them. There are many factors that can help you decide what choice is right for you.

Benefits of Original Stained Glass Restoration for Your Colorado Springs Home

When deciding if you should keep the original stained glass windows in your Colorado Springs home, there are a few factors in helping you pick the right choice. We recommend stained glass restoration when your antique windows enter the age range of 75 years to 100 years old. When stained glass surpasses that age frame, permanent damage may occur making restoration significantly more costly. Based off a cost-benefit analysis provided by a trustworthy stained glass artisan, you’ll know exactly how restoring or replacing will affect you financially. In many cases, restoration can be highly beneficial because it preserves the antique value of your stained glass. This can help optimize the overall value of your home in addition to ensuring that the beloved character of your historic home is kept intact. Replacement is sometimes more cost-effective if too much deterioration has occurred.

Stained Glass Restoration Assessment for Colorado Springs Homes

Stained Glass Salt Lake City offers in-home consultations for those considering stained glass restoration. This assessment entails a deep analysis of determining root causes of deterioration. The assessment provides the cost-benefit analysis, project costs, timeline, and plan-of-action.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your Colorado Springs home, please contact us!

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