5 Gorgeous Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Your Salt Lake City Home

5 Gorgeous Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Your Salt Lake City Home

Investing in your residence can make all the difference in how you feel when you’re at home. Creating a sacred space for you and your loved ones is what home is all about. For those interested in finding projects that achieve this while also increasing curb appeal and property value, stained glass can be an excellent option to look into. Stained glass is an amazing investment for any residential property. Here’s five gorgeous bathroom stained glass windows for your Salt Lake City home.

Bathroom Stained Glass Options for Salt Lake City Homes

SGSLC1: If you have a more modern shower and tub area, leaded glass can be the best addition for addressing privacy while complementing the rest of your decor. The diamond leaded design is brought throughout all windows offering symmetry and beauty.

SGSLC2: Not everyone has a picture window in their bathroom. Having a sliding window doesn’t mean that stained glass won’t work for you. This actually allows you to choose to replace either both panels or just one for custom privacy.

SGLSC3: Regardless of what shape your windows are, we can create custom leaded or stained glass for them. These arched windows showcase elegant leaded glass with bevel work for dimension, shine, and effective privacy.

SGSLC4: We love a traditional colorful stained glass window, especially for addressing privacy. This type of design completely blocks out unwanted views while offering an incredible, surreal illumination from natural sunlight.

SGSLC5: For a more modern approach, this Mission-inspired stained glass window has pops of white and yellow incorporated throughout the leaded glass. It delivers great privacy along with three matching panels.

Work With Salt Lake City’s Preferred Bathroom Stained Glass Artist

Stained Glass Salt Lake City is proud to be the preferred bathroom stained glass artist serving the state of Utah. Our team is always here to work with you to create the perfect design. Contact us today!

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