Stained Glass Restoration Myths: We Can Help Restore Salt Lake City Stained Glass

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Stained Glass Restoration Myths: We Can Help Restore Salt Lake City Stained Glass

One of the most common myths that we encounter in the stained glass industry is that once a stained glass window is broken, it cannot be repaired. However, this simply is not true. Only when damage is extreme is it impossible to fix stained glass. This usually accounts for less than 10% of damaged windows.

In most cases, stained glass restoration is very possible. And it’s necessary too. Once a window has been broken, restoration should be conducted as quickly as possible in order to avoid further damage. Stained glass windows that have not been visibly damaged often undergo restoration as well just to preserve their longevity. In this post, we’ll discuss the different ways that we can help restore Salt Lake City stained glass.

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Stained Glass Deterioration: Causes

There is no one single cause of stained glass deterioration. Deterioration happens for a number of reasons, though the most common is environmental factors. There are various ways that heat can get caught inside the glass, causing the leading to lose shape. This leads to numerous issues such as cracked glass, warping, and more.

Another common cause of deterioration is flaws in the construction of the window. Old glassmakers used techniques that are no longer adapted today because they were found to expedite deterioration. Other times, the cause of deterioration is simply the result of accidental damage, whether it be from hail, sports equipment, or construction.

Stained Glass Restoration Techniques

There are various techniques that can be used to restore stained glass. However, most glass studios exercise caution when performing restoration as the goal is to be as minimally invasive as possible to minimize alteration to the glass. Here are some of the most common approaches:

  • Cleaning- the glass is soaked in a bath of gentle cleansing solution to remove grime, muck, and build up and restore its color and clarity
  • Repair/replacement – damaged pieces of glass and leading are replaced using materials of a similar profile
  • Protective covering- a piece of low- e safety glass is placed over the stained glass window to ensure its protection against the elements
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