Entryway Stained Glass Inspiration for Your Salt Lake City Home

entryway stained glass inspiration salt lake city

Entryway Stained Glass Inspiration for Your Salt Lake City Home

Making a good first impression with your visitors starts with your home’s entryway. When you have friends or family come to visit your home for the first time, you want them to feel welcomed. An inviting entryway can make all the difference and set the tone for special occasions. Entryway stained glass allows Salt Lake City homeowners to create a stunning entryway that provides privacy, elegance, and abundant natural light. Below, we’ve shared¬† examples of entryways with stained glass to help you feel inspired.


Where to Add Stained Glass to Your Entryway

There are many ways you can use stained glass to enhance your entryway. If you have a transom window located over your front door, you could switch out the plain glass for a stained glass insert. This is a great way to call attention the height of your entryway and make it look larger.

Sidelights, too, are another great choice. These smaller windows, located on the side of your door, are great for letting in extra light. But they also give strangers a way to see into your home. And, after all, salespeople and neighbors really don’t need to know what’s going on in your home. Exchanging your sidelights for stained glass can give your entryway a boost in privacy.

You could also consider adding stained glass to a cut out in your front door or opting for a new custom door entirely. We can create a custom wood door made specially for encasing your stained or leaded glass.


Entryway Stained Glass Examples

Since pictures speak a thousand words, it’s easier for us to just show you examples of what entryway stained glass for your Salt Lake City home can accomplish rather than try to explain it to you. We hope these images will help you feel inspired.


entryway stained glass salt lake city

Check out this custom stained glass door!



Here is a beautiful example of a complete entryway.


This stained glass door and matching transom look stunning together.


Get More Ideas

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