Stained Glass Artistry for the Battle Creek Tabernacle

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Stained Glass Artistry for the Battle Creek Tabernacle

At Stained Glass Salt Lake City, we recently had the privilege of undertaking a remarkable project that exemplifies our commitment to preserving the rich history of cherished religious institutions. Our team of accomplished artisans embarked on a journey to create a breathtaking, custom stained glass window for the historic Battle Creek Tabernacle.

stained glass windows battle creek church

Preserving a Storied Legacy

The Battle Creek Tabernacle stands as a testament to time, an architectural marvel that has served as a spiritual anchor for over a century. Its profound legacy and historical significance presented a unique opportunity for us to contribute to its rich tapestry.

A Divine Collaboration

Working hand in hand with the Tabernacle’s dedicated congregation, we embarked on this creative journey with a sense of purpose and reverence. The church desired a stained glass window that would not only enhance the sacred beauty of their sanctuary but also commemorate the storied history of their faith community. Our shared vision was clear: to craft a timeless masterpiece that would embody the congregation’s deep-rooted faith and devotion.

Crafting the Vision for a Modern Stained Glass Window

Our team of accomplished artisans brought their years of expertise and craftsmanship to the table. The design process for this remarkable project was a collaborative effort, involving our clients at every stage. The stained glass window, spanning a generous fifteen feet in height and fourteen feet in width, was a true testament to our dedication to precision and detail.

Respecting Tradition

To ensure that our design resonated with the church’s historic surroundings, we delved into the rich history of the Battle Creek Tabernacle. We learned about its previous structures, some of which were lost to devastating fires, and the unwavering spirit of its congregation.

Innovative Solutions

One of the key challenges we encountered was the need to install this massive stained glass window without compromising the integrity of the nearly century-old church. Cutting a hole in the wall was not a viable option. To overcome this hurdle, we devised an ingenious solution. The stained glass would be installed on the interior of the church and illuminated with a backlit system, meticulously designed to mimic the effect of natural sunlight streaming through the glass.

battle creek tabernacle exterior
steel plates used to anchor the frame and stained glass

Structural Ingenuity

The sheer scale of the project posed structural challenges. To evenly distribute the weight of the window and ensure safe installation, we divided it into ten individually framed panels. These panels were carefully mounted one at a time, ensuring that the installation was seamless and structurally sound. We also built a custom metal frame to encase the stained glass and attach it to the wall, making sure the frame matched the existing stained glass windows. Steel plates were used to hold the frame in place and anchor it into the wall. This way, the wall could support the weight of the stained glass.

stained glass design battle creek
design for the new window, modeled after “The Rescue” by Nathan Greene

The Art of Design

The church selected a poignant composition titled “The Rescue” by acclaimed painter Nathan Greene for the window’s design. With unwavering dedication to preserving the original artwork’s beauty and spirit, our artisans painstakingly translated the intricate details and nuanced colors into stained glass. This transformation from watercolor on canvas to stained glass was a meticulous process. The colors were recalibrated to ensure they would radiate with the soft, serene glow of light streaming through.

led backlit stained glass salt lake cityIlluminating Beauty

Before installing the stained glass, our team incorporated a sophisticated backlit lighting system. Careful consideration was given to avoid hotspots and ensure even illumination of the design. To achieve this, we expertly engineered a low-voltage LED lighting system. Every aspect of this system, from the arrangement of the panels to the wiring, was meticulously planned to maintain the pristine aesthetics of the church’s interior.

salt lake city church stained glass battle creekA Shining Achievement & Enduring Legacy

The final result was a breathtaking work of art that not only transformed the church but also paid tribute to its storied legacy. The radiant colors, the intricate details, and the stunning artistry came together to create a masterpiece that will be admired for generations to come.


At Stained Glass Salt Lake City, we are profoundly grateful to have been entrusted with such an extraordinary project.

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