Can Stained Glass Windows Be Protected from Hail Damage?

Can Stained Glass Windows Be Protected from Hail Damage?

It’s understandable that once you have a beautiful stained glass investment that you’ll want to protect it. With more and more hailstorms popping up throughout Salt Lake City, hail damage is definitely a common concern. Since stained glass is significantly more delicate than normal glass windows, one of our most frequently asked questions is if there are any preventative measures that can be taken to protect against hail damage. There are a few options that may prevent significant damage to your stained glass windows.

Preventative Measures for Defending Your Stained Glass from Hail

Having your stained glass installed in a SIG can provide overall protection, adding protective glass layers to both sides. While this may provide a bit more stability, severe hail can still break the exterior glass causing damage to your stained glass windows. Plexiglass can also be installed, offering more durability for your stained glass. While this solution is often effective for impact resistance, it can lead to heat build-up which accelerates the deterioration of your stained glass and can cause aesthetic issues. Having an exterior protective layer of glass installed is another option. We recommend further reinforcing this exterior glass with C-Bond or security film. These protective measures can add significant strength and flexibility to your stained glass’ exterior layer.

Work with Salt Lake City’s Trusted Stained Glass Repair Studio

Stained Glass Salt Lake City is happy to provide numerous solutions that keep your stained glass windows protected from hail damage As the trusted repair studio, we’ve fixed countless windows that have suffered from hail and severe weather damage. We’re happy to help you work through your insurance claim and make sure all your hail damage is addressed. Restoration may be needed in certain cases.

For more information regarding hail damage protection for your stained glass, please contact us!

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