3 Incredible Stained Glass Additions for Salt Lake City Homes

3 Incredible Stained Glass Additions for Salt Lake City Homes

There are so many incredible ways to really individualize your home and to make it special. With all the various decor options out there, homeowners can utilize all these different tools for optimizing comfort as well as property value and curb appeal. While stained glass has been celebrated for centuries among religious and commercial properties, it’s becoming more and more popular among homes as well. Stained glass can provide benefits among both beauty and function, providing an excellent investment for homes. Here are three incredible stained glass additions for your Salt Lake City home.

Leading Residential Stained Glass Options for Your Salt Lake City Home

  • Bathroom stained glass: Bathrooms are one of the most popular places for residential stained glass. Since you can create effective privacy solutions while addressing decor and maintaining natural sunlight, stained glass is always a great way to transform your bathroom into the ultimate getaway.
  • Entryway stained glass: Entryways provide the first impression of your home while also requiring an effective privacy solution. Homeowners can utilize both leaded glass and stained glass designs for optimizing their curb appeal, blocking unwanted views, and making the best impression on their guests.
  • Basement stained glass: Basement window wells aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. Stained glass windows provide the ultimate way to conceal these window wells, helping basements feel less like basements.

Work With Salt Lake City’s Preferred Residential Stained Glass Studio

Stained Glass Salt Lake City is honored to be the preferred residential stained glass studio serving the state of Utah. Our team is happy to help you choose the perfect location for your upcoming stained glass project. Work with our leading designers to optimize privacy, curb appeal, and more for your home. For more information regarding the most popular areas for stained glass installation within your home, please contact us!

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