From Switzerland to Paris: Stained Glass Masterpieces Around the World

From Switzerland to Paris: Stained Glass Masterpieces Around the World

The world is truly filled with works of wonders spanning in various art forms. Stained glass has been one of the most popular mediums for centuries due to its structural integrity and pure beauty. Stained glass masterpieces have luckily remained safely housed in some notable houses of worship located throughout the globe. Here in Utah, stained glass has always been a treasured medium and is featured throughout the state.

Noteworthy Stained Glass Masterpieces Throughout the World

The Chapel of Thanksgiving, located in Dallas, Texas, is a gorgeous nondenominational chapel that’s focused on gratitude and appreciation. This house of worship has a beautiful, one-of-a-kind spiraling seashell-like stained glass feature where the glass transitions colors as it spirals upwards. The Grossmunster, located in Zurich, Switzerland, is an 11th century church where stained glass windows were added in the 20th and 21st century. These stained glass pieces were created by popular pop art icon Sigmar Polke. The abstract stained glass resembles geodes and asymmetric designs. King’s College Chapel, located in the University of Cambridge, England, was built in the 15th and 16th century. This vast stained glass collection showcases religious and royal motifs with heavy Gothic influence. These narrative windows are vibrantly colored and packed with detail.

Taking Inspiration from Stained Glass Masterpieces for Your Salt Lake City Church

Salt Lake City churches looking to inspire their congregation and improve property value can invest in stained glass. Our custom stained glass services enable you to narrate and conceptualize anything you’d like. Taking inspiration from these stained glass masterpieces from around the world can even attract new congregation members, increase foot traffic, and improve the worshipping process. Religious stained glass is an excellent opportunity for you to create something meaningful.

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