Timeless & Elegant Residential Stained Glass Ideas for Salt Lake City Homes

residential stained glass salt lake city

Timeless & Elegant Residential Stained Glass Ideas for Salt Lake City Homes

Salt Lake City is a beautiful city and when you live in a beautiful place, you want your home to look as good as its surroundings. Residential stained glass offers Salt Lake City homeowners a way to add timeless elegance to their living space. From highly intricate and ornate designs for entryways to dazzling custom shower enclosures, kitchen windows, and beyond, homeowners have found endless ways to incorporate this classic artwork into their homes. Below, we’ve shared some examples.


Exquisite Examples of Residential Stained Glass

If you’re considering stained glass, you’ve probably been contemplating where you should put it in your home. This is, of course, a matter of personal preference. There is no wrong answer; stained glass looks beautiful wherever it’s put on display.

Some homeowners choose to showcase their artwork front and center, making it the focal point of the room. Others opt for a more subtle look, choosing to make it a smaller, yet important detail of the room’s overall design.

If you’re looking for ideas, check out these examples of residential stained glass in other Salt Lake City homes:


stained glass cabinets salt lake city

Alluring Cabinetry

Here is a lovely example of how leaded glass can be used to enhance cabinets. Even this small detail makes a big difference in this kitchen. The glass brings variety so that wood isn’t the only material only display. It also helps hide the cabinets’ contents, making the kitchen look more organized.


salt lake city stained glass transom

Eye-Catching Transom

Here is an example of a show-stopper. This transom catches a lot of light, pulling your attention to the height of the room. By elongating this entryway, it makes the home itself seem larger.


staircase stained glass salt lake city

Grand Staircase

Stained glass turns ordinary steps into grand staircases instantly. It makes the landing area, which would otherwise look quite simple and ordinary, look stunning and thoughtfully designed.


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