Featured Stained Glass Project: Fort Collins Temple of the Church of Latter-day Saints

Featured Stained Glass Project: Fort Collins Temple of the Church of Latter-day Saints

Stained Glass Salt Lake City is honored to present our featured stained glass project. The incredible Fort Collins Temple of the Church of Latter-day Saints is a Morman temple that we created 400 stained glass windows for. Very few stained glass studios have the opportunity to work on LDS temples since most of the work is completed here in Utah. The Fort Collins Temple was an exception and we’re so honored to have been given this opportunity.

The Design and Manufacturing Process for Temple Stained Glass

When it comes to temple stained glass, there’s a comprehensive system already in place for designing the glass. The church and designers work on this in-house in a collaborative effort. We’re honored to take their designs and bring them to life. We enjoyed the challenge of manufacturing stained glass for windows that are very large and heavy. Temple glass can be much larger when compared to the normal scope of any other stained glass project. When the Fort Collins LDS Temple chose us to execute this project, we reassured them that we could bring their vision to life with very minimal changes to their original design.

One of our stained glass artisans handcrafting the temple stained glass windows.

The new construction temple took approximately 18 months to build from the groundbreaking to completion. We had to wait until the actual windows were constructed along with the basic structure of the temple before we could start manufacturing the stained glass. Once all the preliminary work was completed, we had about six months to build and complete the 400 stained glass windows. Working with new construction projects can always be a challenge. Working with the owner, architects, and other contractors while constantly adapting to new plans can be a juggling act. Significant changes were made in order to be able to install energy saving exterior glass along with the stained glass which was installed on the interior.

One of the 400 original stained glass windows produced.

Temple Stained Glass: A Labor of Love

Everyone involved in this amazing project was delighted with our stained glass work. Some of our employees are actually members of this temple so our company took incredible pride the work we were able to contribute. This was a true labor of love for both our company as well as our employees. Aaron Hall of Okland Construction Company stated, “As a general contractor we have done many projects for this client and we found the art glass on this project to be the highest quality and workmanship of any company with whom we have dealt. The quality was so exceptional that upon their installation completion and turnover to us, we did not have a single item that required any rework for quality or other reasons. It could be really said their product was near flawless.”

The completed Fort Collins Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Work with Salt Lake City’s Trusted Temple Stained Glass Studio

Stained Glass Salt Lake City is proud to be the trusted temple stained glass studio serving Utah and other states across the nation. Our incredible experience in crafting this type of stained glass can be utilized by any temple. From custom stained glass creation to temple stained glass restoration, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for your free consultation!

One of the stained glass windows we manufactured.

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