Using Stained Glass as an Alternative for Blinds or Window Shades

Using Stained Glass as an Alternative for Blinds or Window Shades

Owning a home in the Salt Lake City area is fantastic but like any city, privacy can be hard to come by. Typically, a proper and effective solution to privacy issues in a home are curtains or blinds. They block out the unwanted eyes of your neighbors and those passing by. They also curb the sometimes intense sunlight. But is there a better solution to small-scale privacy issues for your SLC home? The answer is yes! Stained glass is a way to get privacy and a host of other benefits too.

Stained Glass Makes a Great Privacy Solution

For the most part, curtains and blinds do a great job on a large scale for keeping your home more private and blocking out the sun. But what about the windows you only want semi-privacy or something a bit more aesthetically pleasing? This is where stained glass is perfect!

The best windows for privacy stained glass instead of blinds or curtains are:

  • Bathroom stained glass
  • Kitchen stained glass
  • Transom window stained glass
  • Sidelight window stained glass

Stained Glass as a Unique Design Element

Curtains and blinds are a design staple for most of one’s home. However, they get incredibly monotonous and add little, if any, character to a home. This is why, if you want a room to really pop, using stained glass instead of curtains or blinds is a great idea. They add a deep color, texture or a stylistic element to any room that curtains or blinds simply cannot match.

Stained Glass to Curb the Sun’s Rays

Let’s start off by saying that stained glass does not give UV protection unless treated with some form or window film or tint. However, the protection you get from curtains or blind is little to poor as well–and that is only when they are closed! While stained glass may not protect from UV rays, colored and even textured stained glass does somewhat block intense sunbeams from bombarding your Salt Lake City home–without blocking out views or natural light.

The benefits of stained glass and its superiority over blinds and curtains in some rooms of your Salt Lake City home are definite and clear. For more info on stained glass or to get an estimate for a window in your home, contact us at Stained Glass Salt Lake City today!

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