Stained Glass Art Experts for Salt Lake City

Stained Glass Art Experts for Salt Lake City

Like most historical artworks, stained glass needs to be restored occasionally to combat the inevitable degradation of time. There are two specific ways to restore stained glass and other art pieces and those are–true to the artist’s intent and true to the original technique. Which avenue you choose depends on your goals for the restoration. Whichever way you choose is perfectly acceptable if it works with your goals. And, of course, aesthetically your stained glass piece will look fantastic either way. Below we have gone into detail about each restoration type.

Stained Glass Restoration True to the Original Artist’s Intent

When we restore stained glass here at Salt Lake City Stained Glass we rely on our well-trained stained glass experts. They analyze the original stained glass intent in detail looking at the style of the time of creation, understanding the materials of the time and analyzing historical context. We then take care to mimic the artist’s intent using modern techniques and materials. We always focus on replicating the style of your stained glass artwork as closely as possible to that of the original artist. This is the most sought after type of restoration we do. It works well because new materials are easier to source, better for making the piece durable and are virtually indistinguishable from the original. However, the appearance could be altered slightly and under scrutiny, the restoration will likely be apparent.

Stained Glass Restoration True to the Original Artist’s Technique

When we do restorations that are true to the original artist’s exact styles and techniques–we do not deviate from materials and techniques used by the artist at the time. These types of restoration are often sought by museums and art collectors. It is a more difficult and expensive process and sometimes may be impossible to fully accomplish. To understand why–let’s look at Tiffany stained glass. To restore a Tiffany stained glass art piece and be historically accurate, you would need to use Tiffany’s unique process of blending glasses. Since this cannot be achieved, we would instead need to source glass from another TIffany piece to keep your piece authentic. This could be difficult or sometimes impossible.

Stained Salt Lake City for Authentic Stained Glass Restoration

No matter what type of restoration you would like us to use for your stained glass art piece, we have many skilled stained glass art restorers with degrees in restoration to consult with. They value staying in line with the style and intent of the original artist. We don’t try to place your stained glass art piece in this time in history but rather attempt to restore it true to its historical place in time. We are happy to work with you on an authentic restoration using materials that are true to the era or close to the original era but true to the intent. Contact us for more information and to discuss your stained glass art piece restoration today.

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