St. Edward’s Church: Custom Stained Glass Project

St. Edward’s Church: Custom Stained Glass Project

We’re grateful to announce the successful completion of our recent church stained glass project in Pennsylvania. St. Edward’s Church decided to create a custom memorial piece in order to honor their pastor that had recently passed away. They wanted a stained glass panel to replace the existing large window in their main observatory located above the main street so they could conceal the view during service. After interviewing several different studies, they decided to go with our studio.

The Custom Church Stained Glass Project for St. Edward’s Church

The church started the project about two years ago during the pandemic, so our design process took place electronically instead of in person. After many iterations of the tree of life, we overheard Father Rick mention that he’d like to create another stained glass window in the future that showed Jesus on the Sea of Galilee. This was his favorite teaching in the Bible and we decided to give the design a shot during the review process. The Father and church fell in love with this new design and chose it for construction. We wanted to create three-dimensional depth to the stained glass and accomplished this with paint. We also wanted to create some diversity among the figures with Jesus and create calm seas as a metaphor for the calm after the storm. Regardless of the installation challenges that were presented, we were able to create one continuous piece.

Work With Salt Lake City’s Preferred Custom Church Stained Glass Artist

Stained Glass Salt Lake City is honored to be the preferred custom church stained glass artist serving the state of Utah and beyond. Our team is happy to help you with your upcoming project and can bring your vision to life. We’re honored to have contributed to such a meaningful, special project. Contact us today!

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