Does Stained Glass Hold Up to Salt Lake City’s Weather?

Does Stained Glass Hold Up to Salt Lake City’s Weather?

Is Stained Glass Durable Enough For Salt Lake City Homes?

When considering stained glass windows many people are concerned about whether or not the climate of Salt Lake City is too harsh for it. However, in all reality, stained glass windows are as durable as any regular glass windows but the issue is really that they are much more expensive to replace. So while the high altitude climate presents challenges for any Salt Lake City house, stained glass is no more likely to break from things like hail or wind as any of your other windows. Additionally, since Salt Lake City is so dry, it stops frames from rotting, which is usually where you will see the fastest degradation on a stained glass window. In fact, a properly crafted and cared for stained glass will last 80-100 years before needing repairs. For more information on what this means read on.

Well-crafted Stained Glass Windows For Your Salt Lake City Home Are More Durable

As we mentioned, a well-crafted stained glass window is very durable. To us, the term “well-crafted” means the use of quality glass making and leading materials as well as a carefully constructed frame. Another area that will cause premature deterioration is the installation. If a stained glass installer does not properly clean the glass, permanent smudges may be visible. Also, if moisture is trapped between the glass panel and an outer window, water damage may occur. What this all boils down to is– it is critical to hire a stained glass expert, like us, as your first and best defense against your Salt Lake City home’s stained glass windows being damaged.

Stained Glass Maintenance To Prevent Damage

You can keep your stained glass from becoming damaged and/losing its luster by lightly cleaning it regularly to remove dirt and debris. Things like dust and smog build up on the inside and outside, making it appear dull. These substances reduce its natural luster and over time can build up so much, that they are hard to remove–even for a professional. It is important to use the right cleaning agents and always use a light touch. It is best if you have a reputable stained glass company deep clean your glass once a year too. And, of course, if you see small cracks or chips or any sort of structural frame sagging, make sure to get your stained glass repair immediately. These little spots can turn into big, costly blemishes quickly.

Watch the video below to find out more about how wonderful stained glass is for your home!

For more information on how to upkeep your stained glass or to have us come out and take a look at it for you, contact Stained Glass Salt Lake City today!

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