Timeless And Lovely: Prairie Style Stained Glass For Your Salt Lake City Home

Timeless And Lovely: Prairie Style Stained Glass For Your Salt Lake City Home

How The Lovely Prairie Style Came To Be

You have probably heard of the ultra-trendy mid-century modern style because of it very popular right now. It is a pretty fantastic design aesthetic too. However, what you may not realize is this design style and many others came about due to the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright. He was an amazing and prolific architect/designer who is considered the grandfather of the mid-century modern style which is as revered as it is relevant today. He also created something called the Prairie style which is both an aesthetic and a philosophy and one he was passionate about. Today it is still one of the most popular stained glass styles on the market because it is simple yet stunning and goes in just about any style of home. Read below to find out why.

What Is Prairie Style Stained Glass

The American prairie: a seemingly endless expanse crisscrossed with distinct horizon lines stretching on for miles and miles without constraint. This type of scenery filled full of light and openness is exactly what Wright was inspired by and trying to convey in his architecture and stained glass. Dramatic lines that cut evenly through the glass landscape without intruding on inside or outside world are the hallmarks of Wright’s work. He focused deeply on how light entered a room and considered it, as well as the glass, an integral part of the design of a house. The integrity of the materials he used, from stone to glass and everything in between was incredibly important to him. Meaning he did not want to hide or change the glass but rather allow it to be itself in its environment. Similarly, he wanted everything he designed in the Prairie Style to mesh with a natural setting–not interfere.

As you can see he accomplished this perfectly

His work was considered by many to be ahead of its time but still echoed a simpler more natural time. Since his work is just as home in the natural world as it was in an urban setting, it gives off a truly ubiquitous vibe. Wright’s use of colors was minimal, never overwhelming, and he seemed to lean towards mixing bursts of color with mostly clear glass. His intersecting, often mirror imaged, geometric lines allowed his prairie style work to be both intriguing but still blend with the natural world all around. Frank Lloyd Wright was ahead of his time in many ways but the uniqueness and volume of his work, lead one to believe, regardless of what era he lived in he would still be a pioneer of his day.

For more information watch the video below about prairie style stained glass:


Stained Glass Salt Lake City For All Your Prairie Style Stained Glass Needs

At Stained Glass Salt Lake City, we greatly respect the genius that is the work of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style. We create glass in this style for our customers to honor him and to keep the legacy of artistic perfection alive today. If you are interested in a prairie style stained glass window for your Salt Lake City home, contact us today for more information and to schedule a design consultation with one of our Prairie Style experts

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