Churches With Restored Stained Glass That Are A Must See For Stained Glass Lovers

Churches With Restored Stained Glass That Are A Must See For Stained Glass Lovers

Restored Churches Review: First Congregational Church

Across the country are many churches with simply astounding stained glass. One of the older parts of the USA, New England, has many shining examples of stained glass. As it were, The First Congregational Church in Greenwich, CT is home to some of the best in the country. The stained glass housed in this chapel is marvelous and the result of a restoration that took place in 2008 and 2009. Their stained glass windows are as magnificent as they are copious– great examples of work by numerous artists such as J&R Lamb Studios, Helen Sickles Hull and Marguerite Gaudin. As admirers of church stained glass and church stained glass restoration ourselves, we, at Stained Glass Salt Lake City, have taken the time to start highlighting some of the most lovely windows in the USA for our readers to learn about. Look below to enjoy the lovely work housed in The First Congregation gorgeous church which is also available online in their virtual stained glass window tour on their website!

Chancel Stained Glass Window

Designed and created by Willet Studios in 1960 this stained glass window is incredibly inspirational. Beyond the act that this window actually comes alive in the evening as the sun is setting and the sculptured gold” elements begin to shine, is the fact that this window’s intricate imagery represents everything from Palm Sunday to ash Wednesday and from Pentecost to all four gospel saints: Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John.

Tower Room Stained Glass Window

One window that stands out in originality and theme is the Tower Entrance window pictured above. The delicate flowers are still bold enough to catch your eye and the color scheme is nothing short of stunning. This window was dedicated by a family “In memory of Victor R. Denson 1893-1976 and Mary E. Denson 1893-1991” and the love can be seen in the exquisite choice of theme and form chosen.

North Transept Stained Glass Window

The North Transept Windows of the First Congregational Church date back all the way to 1896. These windows are truly a wonder to behold. The flesh tones are perfectly executed in on the faces of people in the piece and hyper-realistic hinting that the possible artist of this window was, in fact, John Singer Sargent. Regardless of who made it, the bold colors are enchanting and the biblical scenes striking–explaining why this window is a very popular and admired piece of the church’s collection.

As you can see through the pictures and descriptions above, church stained glass has the power to memorialize, inspire and enchant. A good reason why churches here in the US and around the world should keep their stained glass in good repair and restored when needed. Here in Salt Lake, we at, Stained Glass Salt Lake City, do church stained glass restorations of all types and sizes. For more information about church stained glass restoration, repair and pricing contact us today!


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