What Are the Types of Dalle Stained Glass?

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What Are the Types of Dalle Stained Glass?

If you’re familiar with stained glass at all, you probably know about some of the most popular types. Art Deco, Mackintosh, and prairie style (aka Frank Lloyd Wright) stained glass are a few of the best known styles. However, there are many other beautiful types of stained glass that don’t get the fame they deserve. One of these is Dalle Stained Glass.

Dalle Stained Glass is unique because of its vibrant colors and attractive geometric designs. Because they’re created by breaking up thick sheets of glass into large chunks, Dalle Stained Glass windows have very intense colors. The shapes of the glass pieces are also interesting, because unlike most styles that rely on perfectly cut glass, they’re more jagged and irregular.

In fact, if you like the look of mosaics, you’d probably be a big fan of Dalle Stained Glass. Here are a few different types of Dalle Stained Glass that Salt Lake City churches and property owners can choose from.

Why Dalle Stained Glass?

Some of the reasons you may want to consider Dalle Stained Glass are its:

  • Contemporary look and fashion
  • Brilliant colors
  • Unconventional design
  • Unique appearance and construction
  • Types of Dalle Stained Glass

    If the idea of having a Dalle Stained Glass window in your Salt Lake City home or church appeals to you, there are a few different options you can choose from. Here are two of the most popular types:

    Cement and sand

    One method of making Dalle de Verre is using a mixture of cement and sand to anchor the glass sections in place. This is a reliable method and results in a sturdy window.

    Resin-bound glass

    Another method involves using resin composite to hold the glass pieces together. Aesthetically, this option is beautiful. However, there is some additional maintenance involved as this type is prone to leaking.

    Get your Own Dalle de Verre

    Contact Stained Glass Salt Lake City today to get your own Dalle Stained Glass window.

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