Elegant & Sophisticated Stained Glass Designs for Salt Lake City Homes

sophisticated stained glass salt lake city

Elegant & Sophisticated Stained Glass Designs for Salt Lake City Homes

Some people have the misconception that stained glass is only for churches. We think they’re missing out. Countless architects have incorporated stained glass into their designs. (That includes Frank Lloyd Wright, the Greene Brothers, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, to name a few.) Leaded glass windows are a symbolism of elegance and refinery, and adding them to your home is a sure way to elevate the ambiance of any room.

However, that’s not to say that styles vary widely. Designs range from everything from hand-painted portraits to eclectic abstract patterns. You can truly make your stained glass resemble any imagery you want. However, if you’re the type that appreciates clean, classic looks, you’ll love these sophisticated stained glass designs for your Salt Lake City home.

Classic, Yet Beautiful Stained Glass Styles

We asked our team of expert craftsman and artists what their favorite classic stained glass styles are. These are the designs they recommend.

Beveled Stained Glass

Nothing makes a more eye-catching addition than a beveled glass window. Bevel clusters are designed and curated by artists by hand, then arranged into beautiful patterns on the window. The effect is subtle, yet definitely intriguing.

Prairie Designs

Characterized by rich earth tones, thick leaded lines, and simple triangular patterns, prairie stained glass windows exhibit a unique beauty entirely their own. Designed to mimic the rolling prairies of the Midwest, these windows are a strong reminder of the tranquility of Mother Nature.

Leaded Glass

Clean, elegant, yet unique, leaded glass windows are a great alternative to the mosaic look of stained glass. The use of solely clear glass gives them a modern, sophisticated look.

Where to Buy Stained Glass

Stained glass can be bought from many different sources, including hardware stores and shops online. However, we highly recommend working with a local glass studio like ours because you’ll most likely get a better and more unique end product.

Add Stained Glass to your Home

Stained Glass Salt Lake City has dozens of sophisticated stained glass designs. Call today to get a quote for your Salt Lake City home.

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