Pre-Made vs. Custom Stained Glass: Which is Right for Your Salt Lake City Home?

Pre-Made vs. Custom Stained Glass: Which is Right for Your Salt Lake City Home?

When deciding on your next big stained glass investment for your Salt Lake City home, it’s prevalent to understand the differences between pre-made stained glass and custom stained glass. Both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, making it vital to be an educated buyer before starting your next home project. Stained Glass Salt Lake City is proud to be the leading source for pre-made stained glass windows as well as the trusted custom stained glass studio in the Salt Lake City area.

Advantages of Pre-Made Stained Glass for Your Salt Lake City Home

Pre-made stained glass comes at a more affordable price point perfect for Salt Lake City homeowners that are on a strict budget. Pre-made stained glass is quicker to install as well for homeowners concerned with installation times and unnecessary downtime. With so many different designs available, from elegant, leaded options to more traditional, colorful choices, homeowners typically can find what they’re looking for. We also have a large antique stained glass collection for those seeking pre-made stained glass that’s unique, one-of-a-kind. These are offered at a higher price point due to their antique nature, but offer beautiful pieces for your home.

Advantages of Custom Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Homes

Custom stained glass offers Salt Lake City homeowners the opportunity to create whatever design they’d like. One of our stained glass artisans is happy to sit down with you to hand sketch out your ideas. Custom stained glass does take longer to create and install and has a much higher price point, but you’ll be investing in something personalized that’s also one-of-a-kind. Homeowners can pick any color and design as well as prioritize privacy solutions and limited light transmission.

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