Floral Stained Glass Accents for your Salt Lake City Home

floral stained glass salt lake city

Floral Stained Glass Accents for your Salt Lake City Home

Vibrant and full of serene imagery of bright blossoming flowers, floral stained glass accents have a unique beauty all of their own. They make the ultimate addition to the home of any nature lover. Floral stained glass accents are a natural choice for Salt Lake City, a place full of beautiful mountains and meadows littered with colorful wildflowers. They make an excellent gift for people who like to garden or simply enjoy being outdoors. And the stained glass itself serves a practical purpose too.

floral stained glass salt lake city

Designs for Floral Stained Glass Accents

There are almost endless possibilities for stained glass designs. Our company alone carries over 50,000 different stained glass colors. That means we can create any flower or nature scene of your choosing and even have the ability to replicate photographs. Whether you think you’d prefer something traditional like roses or want a scene of an entire meadow lit with lavender sprigs or a sprawling array of sunflowers, our artists can bring your ideas to life.

rose stained glass window salt lake city

Applications for Floral Stained Glass Accents

Floral stained glass can be an entire window featuring floral designs, or the floral pattern can be simply placed on a plain glass window as an accent. There are many applications for floral stained glass, but some of our favorite include:
Kitchen stained glass windows– floral accents can make any kitchen look bright and welcoming
Bathroom stained glass windows – Floral stained glass is perfect for adding privacy to your bathroom
Transom stained glass – many cottage and cabin style homeowners choose to add floral stained glass to their transoms to accentuate the rustic theme of their home
Many other options – hanging panels, light fixtures, and basement windows are all popular choices for stained glass as well

floral stained glass

Schedule Your Design Consultation

Stained Glass Salt Lake City is happy to offer free onsite consultations to all homeowners in Salt Lake City. Whether you’re located in Capitol Hill, Glendale, Rose Park, or any other part of town, we are willing to come to you! Call our office today to schedule your free design consultation or receive an estimate on floral stained glass accents in Salt Lake City.

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